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Carol - Personalized Pet Care


I have been using Carol's service for over 2 years and I have nothing but good things to say about her.My dogs are very important to me ! I would not let just anyone in my house to watch after them.Carol has never let me down.I love all her little extra touches, (getting my mail, turning on the lights,even keeping my house in order). She even gets my little Lilly to eat her food! Not an easy job for anyone who owns a Chihuahua knows! Hopefully she will be doing this for a long time.I don't know how I would ever go away with out her!


About 7 years ago, I was hurt. I also work with dogs. I needed someone to help me train my own 2 pitbulls. The one even has neurological problems. I needed a person I could feel confident in and trust to train them in a proper way. I sought out many after careful consideration I chose Carol. She has a great work ethic and like myself truly understands how to work with dogs properly. She has the confidence and know -how to get it done. Many trainers are too costly and really don't know what they are doing. I know this because I am in the business. I would highly recommend Carol to anyone especially my friends and family, if I am unable to help them. Carol, Thanks again for your help in my time of need. We together created our own Mrs.Daddy, on the east coast. 

 Jen S.

Carol is a godsend!! Too good to be true!!! I need someone who is fit and knows how to handle my 2 powerful dogs - she loves them like her own!!! She's been pet sitting and dog walking for us for many years and our dogs are always happy and healthy whenever we return!!! We never feel guilty about leaving our dogs with carol bec we know they're in very capable incredible loving hands!!!!!!! Thank you carol for your 5 star service!!!!!!!!!

 Sara T.

Recomending Carol!
My husband and I have been using Carol as our dog sitter/walker since September. We both work all day and decided to hire someone to come once a day in the afternoon to walk our dogs and give them some TLC while we were working. Carol is amazing!! She is reliable, caring, and trustworthy. She takes them for a walk, changes their water, plays with them, let's them run around the backyard for a bit, etc. She even cleans up "accidents" and cleans up stuffing from toys they rip apart. She always leaves a note letting us know how the afternoon went. Sometimes she even sends us pictures of what they're doing which always makes me smile :) Hiring Carol was the best decision ever because it is so nice being at work knowing my dogs are being taken good care of while we are gone. She knows a lot about dogs and how to care for them. I feel 100% comfortable having her come into our house every day. Using Carol for your pet needs surely won't disappoint!

  Denise G. 


Before I met Carol, I would stress out before and during a vacation. I hated to board my dogs. I would worry so much because they would be so unhappy no matter where we boarded them. Even the "luxury dog hotels" did not offer the specialized attention Carol gives. I got pictures of my dogs and texts from her while I was away. I came home to happy very well taken dogs. I also got detailed notes about my dogs every day. I booked Carol for my next trip as soon as I got home! Thank God for Carol!!!

 Karen H.

'Aunt Carol'

When we're away I never have to worry about my pets back at home when I know Carol is taking care of them. She is reliable, responsible, and most importantly, cares for our pets like her own!There have been times she has stayed much longer than planned or even came back for an extra visit just to be sure they were alright. We receive detailed notes about each time she visits, plus I can contact her anytime to check in and ask how they are doing. Our pets always seem happy and well adjusted when we return from a trip. Carol pays extra attention to details, even has cleaned out our fridge, dusted & vacuumed, and shoveled snow so when we came home we could just unpack & relax! She's the best!

 Jen B.

Carol I can't say enough thank you's. Knowing when I'm away I'm at peace of mind Because your in our lives. You are very punctual dependable And can always count on you Even in Spur of the moments. Thank you for all the caring moments. belly rubs Walks. !!!!! Susan Benz and Russ

Hurley and Cosmo
Dear Carol, Thank you so much for providing our dogs Hurley and Cosmo with such great care when we went away for spring break . I did not have to worry one bit. You were on time each day, walked my dogs each day, payed extra attention to them, stayed later than discussed, and went above and beyond our expectations. You communicated each day by leaving a note and through texting. We could not have been more pleased. You were caring, loving, and most attentive to our pups. Thanks so much. If you are interested in hiring Carol, DON’T HESITATE! YOU WON’T WORRY ONE BIT!

 Nadine L.

I met Carol while she was taking care of my neighbor's dog while they were away. I inquired, and found that they were thrilled with Carol and her services. I immediately called Carol, and she came by to meet my dog Iris who can be a bit of a pain in the neck with strangers. She came right in, took charge, and had Iris eating out of the palm of her hand. I first used Carol for a few short trips out of town just for over night, and Carol kept in contact with me reassuring the anxious " mommy" that everything was going fine. Iris was just fine when I returned home, and I have been using Carol ever since. I recently returned from a ten day trip to Florida, and except for missing my little girl, had no anxiety at all. Carol goes out of her way to make her visits with the dog's pleasant. Playing, feedin, and walking. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a pet sitter. She is great and her prices are very competitive!!

 Kristen E.

I highly recommend Carol and her pet services. We have used her many times. The love she demonstrates and the excellent care she provided to Kira gave our family peace of mind.

 Carol A

 Leisure Village